About Downs Park Day Nursery

Downs Park Day Nursery opened in January 1988 and is therefore a well-established early years setting. We pride ourselves on our high quality and professional standards, which is highlighted within our commitment to the Bristol Standard; a quality assurance scheme. This ensures continual reflection and development of our practice. Our main ethos is to provide a warm, welcoming environment that is a child centred, homely community, dedicated to the care and learning and development of children from 0 – 5 years.

We strive to ensure children and their families are valued as individuals

We encourage parents to contribute detailed information which ensures that every child’s need is addressed in line with their home routines. When children first join Downs Park, their parents are given a number of forms to complete regarding their child’s individual likes and dislikes as well as other important information regarding their individual routines and personality. We discuss these forms with the parents and ensure that during their child’s initial preliminary visit, they meet with the child’s key person at the nursery, discussing how we will cater for this individual routine.

We always provide a warm and welcoming environment

When families enter our nursery, we strive to promote a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere. During visits to the nursery from prospective families and other professionals our staff provide a warm welcome ensuring the atmosphere is exactly as each child needs it to be e.g. comfortable, stimulated and relaxed.

As you enter our nursery we have a large display board showing photographs of children involved in various  activities, as well as a digital screen where we showcase photos of activities such as forest schools, outings and other seasonal events.

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