Our Yellow Room Is For Toddler to 2+ Years

Children make the transition to the Yellow Room when they are more emotionally independent, settled and walking confidently. They increasingly demonstrate their preferences and develop a social awareness and are encouraged to make more of their own choices to maximise their learning within a fun and challenging environment. Communication and language skills are enhanced through books, music, singing, stories and rhymes, helping children develop an increased awareness and understanding of their surroundings. Children in this age group experience a broader selection of creative mediums to improve manipulative skills.

As their skills and development progress, children are encouraged to plan, select and explore toys and materials more independently, whilst sharing resources and taking turns, developing an increased awareness of others and their environment. Physical skills evolve through activities both indoors and outdoors where children are encouraged to challenge their own ability and develop increased control and dexterity whilst taking informed risks to stretch their limits. As time progresses,  there is further development of language skills and children are actively encouraged to make verbal/non verbal contributions. Staff take the time to listen and value your child’s comments, to learn about their interests and form a route to further learning. This in turn encourages each child to feel empowered, that he/she matters and, as a consequence, builds self-esteem.

Practitioners differentiate activities and group times to ensure children achieve within their own developmental/peer groups.

Happy Children Make Happy Parents

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